Drones in Boston

Drones in Boston

With the explosion of drones in the market, drones in Boston and other metro areas present many interesting opportunities.  You may have seen videos on the news, local advertisements or magazines that highlight the beauty of the city.  The opportunities are endless when you add an entire new dimension to how you can see something.  There is, however, one major problem with flying drones in Boston–

Drones in Boston

British Airways Boeing 777 at Boston Logan

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport creates an interesting issue for flying drones in Boston.  As you can see from the picture above, the airport is very close to downtown Boston.  Most cities’ airports are actually far away from the city center.  This is simply because there is not enough room near the city centers to allow for an airport to be built.  Logan Airport was built before most airports in the early 1920s on landfill merely a mile from downtown Boston.  The proximity to Boston means that large airplanes (even the super-jumbo jet Airbus A380) fly more than 1200 operations in and out of Logan on a daily basis very close to the city.  The classification for this airspace around Boston is known as Class “Bravo” or “B” airspace. Class B airspace is the most restrictive type of airspace in the National Airspace System, and for good reason.  It protects millions of aircraft operations in their most critical phase of flight in takeoff and landing.  Understanding different categories of airspace (with Class B being by far the most important) is a must for any pilot, regardless of flying a commercial airliner or a drone they got for Christmas.

Drones in Boston

Boston Class Bravo Airspace

What does this mean for flying drones?

Even a simple google search of a place such as “Castle Island” on the waterfront will show many amateur drone pilots illegally flying trying to get some footage for themselves.  These are prime examples of hobby pilots not knowing how dangerous of a situation they are creating.  Aircraft are on final approach directly above Castle Island at 300-600 feet.  This is well within range of almost every drone out there and even within the FAA’s guidelines on high to fly (400 ft).   Additionally, Boston has some of the best hospitals in New England and the world.  With good hospitals, comes patients who need to get to them as fast a possible as their life is on the line via MedFlights.  The Boston area hospitals are scattered throughout the city and get upwards of 20 flights a day.  The MedFlight pilots are under the most stress of their entire flight navigating through the city buildings, cranes and other obstacles.  Having a drone cross their path or worse is the very last thing they want to have happen.  These are just two major reasons, among many others, making flying drones in Boston a dangerous place to fly.


What is the FAA doing to prevent any issues?

The good news is that the FAA has recently begun making hobbyists register drones.  The even better news is that with registration, hobbyists must acknowledge that they will not fly within any Class “B” airspace, which is 8 nautical miles from Boston Logan airport.   This essentially shuts off all beginner and amateur drone pilots.  This may sound harsh, but its similar to not allowing unlicensed drivers to drive vehicles on a public road.  It is not that they are not smart enough, it is that they simply do not have the knowledge required to safely operate something that can do serious damage to others.  The vast majority of surface airspace across the country is uncontrolled Class G airspace. This type of airspace is a perfect place to fly drones.  There is much less of chance of encountering any other aircraft in Class G airspace.


What does this mean for commercial drone flying in Boston?

The FAA has a process for commercial operations when flying drones.  As you may know, drone companies are required to obtain something called a section 333 exemption.  You can read up on SkyFlik’s exemption here.  Additionally to a long list of safety related items that must be completed to take flight, there are even more requirements to operate in a Class B airspace around a major airport.  To date, SkyFlik is the only drone company allowed to fly commercially within Boston’s Class B airspace.  This is a direct result from our relationship with the FAA on a local level and our commitment to safety.   Unfortunately, the laws on drones are skewed by many peoples’ opinions on what the FAA can actually do.  SkyFlik is dedicated to following the law and rules the FAA has set forth in order to make the National Airspace System a better place to fly for everyone.

SkyFlik FAA Section 333 Exemption

approved section 333 exemption drone company New England

FAA Section 333 Exemption

SkyFlik is now one of the first companies in the nation, and the very first in the State of New Hampshire, to be allowed to fly Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for commercial purposes.  This is possible by SkyFlik acquiring an FAA Section 333 Exemption.  SkyFlik is a New England Aerial Photography and Video company with offices in New Hampshire and on Cape Cod. We offer legal aerial photography and aerial video “Drone Services”. Prior to 2014, there was somewhat of a “wild west” scenario with UAS in the United States. There were zero laws on flying UAS. In late 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) clarified that UAS are indeed aircraft, and a Section 333 Exemption is required to operate commercially. A Section 333 Exemption allows for safe and legal entry into the National Airspace System (NAS) for operators. It was at this time SkyFlik started to pursue the only route to become legal operators in the NAS.

On June 29th, 2015, SkyFlik Aerial Filming received the required Section 333 Exemption from the FAA. This allows us to film and photograph things such as real estate, golf courses, weddings and other special events.

SkyFlik COA

SkyFlik has also received an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) for flights under 400’. A COA is required from the Air Traffic Organization branch of the FAA. This allows us to expedite any job without the requirement to contact the FAA for permission for each flight. As a result, the overall time from job request to a finished product is drastically reduced.

This is a huge achievement for our company and we want to thank everyone who has helped and supported us in obtaining this important exemption.

Cape Cod Real Estate Aerial Video and Photography

We are proud to offer Cape Cod Real Estate Aerial Video and Photography Services. Cape Cod has an exciting and competitive real estate market. Appeal to potential buyers and make your listings stand out by providing an aerial tour. SkyFlik Aerial Filming offers customized packages to fit any budget.

Here’s a sample of some of our work:

[pl_video type=”vimeo” id=”102085836?rel=0″]
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”AG3nUTTQ2WE?rel=0″]
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”n8DKEN6KVMI?rel=0″]
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”v2059VFUmJM?rel=0″]

Aerial Real Estate Video and Photography Service Area

Centerville, MA Cotuit, MA
Craigville, MA
Cummaquid, MA
Hyannis, MA
Hyannis Port, MA
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Aerial Wedding Video and Photography

Having Aerial Wedding Video and Photography of your special day will give the bride a unique way to remember her special day. You can have all of your special moments photographed and recorded to cherish forever. We’ll be able to capture unique Aerial Wedding Video and Photography of the wedding venue and wedding party. Footage will be professionally captured with state of the art aerial equipment and cameras. We are a team of professional aerial photographers who understand this unique field. We are courteous, respectful and safe. Every team member has a high level of experience with aerial video and photography so you will get the best results possible. If you need an Aerial Wedding Video and Photography service provider that is covered through liability insurance, we have you covered. Many traditional wedding photographers have a long wait before you have your photos and video. When you choose SkyFlik’s Aerial Wedding Video and Photography service, you will quickly have your order fulfilled, usually within 3 days. Some photos can be provided instantly via our Facebook page. Our team will work with you at our consultation to ensure everything goes as planned. Our Aerial Wedding Video and Photography team covers Cape Cod, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and most of New England. We’ll give you a quote that is fair and reasonable.
Our equipment meets current technology standards so you’ll have high quality, high definition images to hold on to and share with your family.
Give us a call for a free no obligation quote. You’ll be glad you did.

Aerial Real Estate Video and Photography

Aerial Real Estate Video and Photography

Aerial Real Estate Video and Photography is an important selling tool in the real estate market. This emerging technology is a great marketing tool that allows potential buyers to get a vivid picture of a property while selecting homes to view. Some realtors opt to buy the drone equipment themselves and take on the task. There can be a few problems with this approach:

  • Drone Equipment is costly
  • Aerial Quadcopters can be difficult to fly
  • Professional video editing is challenging
  • One crash and you can loose your entire investment
  • A Part 333 Exemption from the FAA is required for commercial use

SkyFlik Aerial Filming can take care of your Aerial Real Estate Video and Photography needs. We are FAA approved for commercial aerial drone filming, and we possess the airspace knowledge to ensure a safe operation. When needed we pre-coordinate with local airport authorities and air traffic control.

We will capture high resolution photography and aerial video footage of your property. Our aerial video is captured in 1080p HD or breathtaking 4K resolution. We provide a live view so you’ll know right away if you like the aerial shot. Aerial Real Estate Video and Photography is a great way to showcase your real estate listing in a new and advanced way. Potential buyers are more likely to follow up on a listing that offers and in depth view of the property. Call us today and we will provide you with a custom proposal.

Aerial Golf Course Video and Photography

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”L0Kt7KCqpeU?rel=0″]

UAVs are becoming more and more popular. As the technology advances there are more devices available all the time. Recording golf courses now possible with the use of UAS technology and the footage can be used for marketing purposes. HD vide footage from 400 feet provides a clear image of the golf course. Our camera carrying drones weight less than 2 pounds. They are safe and stable and we are flying experts, so we’ll move through your golf course quickly. Golf courses are using aerial golf course footage to attract new members. Many other types of businesses are turning to aerial drone photography as well.

We are a professional aerial golf course video and photography company. Allow us to show you how aerial golf course video can provide your course with a successful marketing campaign. Many golf courses are using aerial video and photos to showcase what their location has to offer. They can show each hole on the course, the amenities and practice areas. This is a great way to get people’s attention and bring in more leads and members. Because marketing is so complex and competitive, aerial golf course video and photography will make you stand out. Aerial golf course video and photography will provide you with footage you can share on Facebook, YouTube and your own website.

Course Pro

We will work your course pro to ensure your footage will be able to be used as a training tool. The pro will be able to preview each hole with their student. The clips will show the layout of each hole along with its hazards and challenges. Your golf pro will be able to easily explain and showcase your golf course using our vivid HD golf course videos.

SkyFlik has the drone equipment, experience and staffing to handle filming your New England golf course. We have aerial photographers on Cape Cod Massachusetts and New Hampshire who cover a wide area. We’ll guide you through the planning to the implementation stages. With our aerial golf course footage, you will get a closer look at your golf course and you won’t need to hire a more costly helicopter. Using aerial video and photography, you can see things you weren’t able to see before. If you want professional footage of your golf course to use online or offline, contact us for a quote.

Aerial Boating Video

Boating around New England is a beautiful way to see the region. But ever wonder how to capture the boating experience on video? Do you want to see what your boat looks like from above? Sky Flik can create an aerial boating video project customized to your liking. We will visit you at the dock or depart with you on a short voyage. The aerial boating video will be professionally edited and is a perfect keepsake or gift.

Here are some great aerial boating video ideas:

  • Harbor view
  • Boat on open water
  • Sales video for selling your boat

Anther product we offer is high resolution photography for framing or a photo book.

Nobska Light Aerial Video Falmouth, MA

Our new Nobska Light Aerial Video Falmouth, MA was filmed summer of 2014 during a beautiful sunset. Tourists and locals agree, this Cape Cod lighthouse is a must see. This iconic spot also provides a beautiful backdrop for the famous Falmouth Road Race.

Aerial Photography and Aerial Video Services over New England

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