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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

SkyFlik, Inc. has been one of New England’s leading aerial photographers for commercial real estate for many years.  Our aerial drone photography will enhance any listing from small leased units to sprawling acres destined for large development. Allow SkyFlik to provide the airborne perspective for potential buyers.  Viewing a commercial property from the air significantly enhances the overall understanding of the property’s size, surrounding area and the community.  This paints a vivid picture of the locality, and allows the commercial real estate buyer see their vision.


Aerial & Ground Photography of Commercial Real Estate

Aerial & Ground Photography of Commercial Real Estate

Understanding the Surroundings

Knowing the local area directly around a location is an important aspect of the decision to buy or lease.  For commercial real estate, displaying traffic density can be a deal maker or breaker.  SkyFlik’s aerial photography or video will display the property highlights that you consider important to make the sale. We film from the surface to 400 feet to provide enrichment to the photographs or video by spotlighting certain aspects such as nearby businesses, local roads, and pedestrian traffic numbers.

Dunkin Donuts Aerial

Commercial Real Estate Photography Highlighting Neighboring Businesses

Why Use a Skyflik Drone?

Compared to a helicopter, our drones can navigate through indoor & outdoor locations.  The result of this transition shot can produce sustained video shots that no other vehicle can acquire.  A Skyflik pilot may aviate from the surface to the top floor of a new office high rise.  The drone can travel inside and outside of a whole shopping mall, beach condo, sports arena or stadium or urban development.  Skyflik offers professional commercial real estate drone video and post-production services for commercial developers in several New England states including:

  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island

Still photography or video may assist at different phases of development and construction.  If you are developing a distinct section of land, a drone flyover can aid in the planning, preparation and communication amongst a group of developers.  Whenever used creatively, a drone flyover video can create a vision for the future of the location.


Aerial Photography and Aerial Video Services over New England

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