Drones in New Hampshire

Drones in New Hampshire

The Granite State

Lovell Lake, NH

New Hampshire is a wonderful state.  Numerous reports have labeled it as one of the best states to live in.  There are many reasons for that, with one of the more prominent reasons being the beauty of the state.  New Hampshire has everything from stunning waterfalls and grand mountains to spectacular marine landscapes.  From the great northern woods to the crashing waves of the Isle of Shoals, there are signs of Mother Nature’s artistry everywhere.  For years, the only way to see these sights from a higher perspective were by hiking to a mountaintop or being a lucky member of the aviation community.  Skyflik can present never-before-seen vistas of the Granite State by using drones in New Hampshire.


Crawford Notch

Crawford Notch is a large gorge in the middle of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, positioned almost exclusively in the town of Hart’s Location.  Approximately fifty percent of that town is enclosed in Crawford Notch State Park.  The highest mark of the notch, at approximately 1,900 ft (580 m) above sea level, is at the southerly edge of the town of Carroll, neighboring the Crawford Depot train terminal and Saco Lake, the source of the Saco River, which proceeds southward through the sharp-sided notch.  North of the high point of the notch, Crawford Brook streams more smoothly northwest to the Ammonoosuc River, a branch of the Connecticut River.


New Hampshire’s Seacoast
North Hampton Beach Aerial 2

The Seacoast Region is the southeast section of New Hampshire that contains the eastern segment of Rockingham County and the southern segment of Strafford County. The domain covers 13 miles (21 km) adjacent the Atlantic Ocean from New Hampshire’s boundary with Massachusetts to the Piscataqua River and New Hampshire’s line with Maine.  The coastline is commonly considerably rocky and rugged in nature, although a small number of sandy beaches have been constructed using seawalls, notably in the towns of Rye and Hampton.  The Seacoast Region spans as distant west as Epping.  Portsmouth, the biggest municipality and lone city in Rockingham County, serves as the cultural and economic focal point of the area.

Drones in New Hampshire

Skyflik, INC has been flying in New Hampshire since well before the devices were even called “drones”.  New Hampshire is our home.  We started flying in 2012 and have been improving ever since.  We are FAA-certified and carry all the required exemptions to safely, and legally, operate in the state of New Hampshire.

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