December 29, 2015 Tom

Drone Marketing and Why to Elevate Your Advertising

Drone Marketing

Drone Marketing

Anyone who watches anything on TV these days will see just how much using drone marketing is being used to elevate marketing. From commercials to news aerial filming provides angles never available prior to this amazing technology.  Here are some of the reasons why using a drone for aerial video clips will you market your business.

The “Wow” Factor

Every advertisement, whether a 30 second video clip or a simple flyer, is trying to do one thing. That one thing is to capture the attention of the reader or viewer and get them to commit to your product. If you can succeed in capturing their attention, there is a much greater chance of getting their business.

Drone marketing is a new and exciting way to achieve the “WOW” factor to promote your business.  From a simple aerial picture to a full production video project of your property, utilizing an aerial drone marketing will help capture the attention of your potential customers.

Who can use drone marketing?

Everyone can use drone marketing for their business! The only requirement is that you find an FAA-approved company like SkyFlik to do the flying for you.  These professional companies will have the experience, equipment and ability to take your idea (or suggest one) and truly make it soar.  There are many different types of drones for many different types of applications, and these companies will be able to provide the best platform for the job.  SkyFlik has experience flying everywhere outdoor from auto dealerships, golf courses and chasing company vehicles to indoor settings like restaurants, gymnasiums and hotels.  The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to marketing a business or product!

Is using a drone expensive?

To the surprise of many business owners, using drone marketing is only expensive if they try to do it themselves. You need experience to fly successfully and an understanding of local airspace. One crash could cost you a lot more than your equipment investment! SkyFlik have the equipment and experience to get the project completed in the least amount of time possible.  We have years of experience flying drones and producing video and photography projects.


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